Sport and leisure (3 videos)

This video shows an automated compression test on tennis balls performed with a MultiTest-i force tester and robotic arm.

This video shows the automatic testing of tennis balls used in competitions played to International Tennis Federation (ITF) rules.  Mecmesin's automated test system can select, position and rotate tennis balls so that they can be tested for compliance to ITF specifications. Testing includes compression and relaxation to check forward and return deformation,  ball diameter and ball weight.  The system can be left unattended and a comprehensive report generated on completion of up to 12 balls.

The release torque of removeable cleats fitted to golf shoes is measured with a Vortex-i PC-controlled torque tester.  Precise alignment of each cleat prior to testing is vital, and this is achieved with a custom designed sample holder mounted on a gimble coupled to a precision X-Y motion table.