Consumer packaging (34 videos)

A customised fixture (PDV17181) holds bottles while the MultiTest 2.5-i fitted with the flip-cap accessory measures the force to open the cap.

A 90° peel test of pressure sensitive adhesives is carried out using a FPT-H1 horizontal friction peel tear tester and a 90° peel test fixture kit. This is suitable for testing to a range of peel testing standards including FINAT 2, ASTM D3330 Method F, Afera 5001, BS EN 1939 Annex B and PSTC 1001 Method F. 

Evolving test methods from Mullen Burst Test to Edge Crush Test (ECT). This test method is applicable to ISO 3037, ISO 13821, TAPPI T811, TAPPI T838, TAPPI T839 and FEFCO 8. Edge Crush Guide Blocks are used to support the corrugated fibreboard test piece initially until collapse.
NOTE: This video shows a fixed upper compression plate, however, a self-adjusting or guided compression fixture is recommended.

A puncture resistance test on flexible packaging material to international test standard BS EN 14477:2004 is conducted using a MultiTest 2.5-xt touch-screen force tester and  puncture test fixture.  The force tester is driven by Emperor software, which  controls the speed of the test stand, collects  the data, and then calculates penetration force, elongation at break and the penetration energy.

A 'loop' tack test is carried out to test standard FINAT No. 9.  A sample is prepared and the "application tack" is measured using Mecmesin's MultiTest-xt console controlled test system.  The test system is driven by Emperor software, that measures the peak force to completely separate the loop from the glass plate.

Flat Crush Test of corrugated fibreboard. This test is applicable to ISO 3035, TAPPI T825 and similar rigid support methods. The accuracy of this test is greatly enhanced by self-adjusting compression plates, or ultimately by a precision guide fixture. This video shows an upper self-adjusting compression plate.

The release torque and extraction force of sparkling wine closures is measured with a Mecmesin CombiCork tester fitted with pneumatic clamps to hold different sized bottle securely in place.

MultiTest-dV motorised force and materials tester for use with a force gauge, gauge plus VectorPro Lite software, or with an ELS Enhanced Load Sensor and VectorPro MT materials testing software. A versatile entry-level tensile and compression test system for fundamental testing of a range of products and raw materials property calculation.

A peel test on a foil sealed wine glass is conducted using a MultiTest 1-i PC-controlled force tester.  The peak and average force needed to remove the foil lid from the wine glass is measured and the results are displayed graphically using Mecmesin's Emperor force measurement software.

Ring Crush Test (RCT) of paperboard, such as liner for corrugated fibreboard packaging material. This test method is applicable to ISO 12192, TAPPI T822 and similar. The accuracy of the test is optimised by self-adjusting or ideally a precision guide fixture to keep the upper and lower plates exactly parallel.