Motorised Testers (Force) (4 videos)

MultiTest-dV motorised force and materials tester for use with a force gauge, gauge plus VectorPro Lite software, or with an ELS Enhanced Load Sensor and VectorPro MT materials testing software. A versatile entry-level tensile and compression test system for fundamental testing of a range of products and raw materials property calculation.

The MultiTest 2.5-dV and AFG Advanced Force Gauge can be used for rapid top-load testing of PET bottles

The MultiTest-dV range comprises three outstanding value, superior entry-level force testers. Designed for precision-controlled compression and tension testing, the dV’s simple controls, backed by sophisticated electronics, make it the ideal choice for a wide range of routine testing.

This video shows a shear test on an aluminium cap, part of medical device. The test is conducted on a MultiTest motorised test system with an Advanced Force Gauge (AFG), a chisel point accessory, to break-off the cap, and special fixturing to securely hold the sample in place. It is vital that the sample should always break at the same point, so a special cantilever-operated sample holder was custom designed. This enables each cap to be loaded and precisely positioned using the same amount of pressure each time, which minimises variability.