Customised Applications (4 videos)

A puncture resistance test on flexible packaging material to international test standard BS EN 14477:2004 is conducted using a MultiTest 2.5-xt touch-screen force tester and  puncture test fixture.  The force tester is driven by Emperor software, which  controls the speed of the test stand, collects  the data, and then calculates penetration force, elongation at break and the penetration energy.

The release torque and extraction force of sparkling wine closures is measured with a Mecmesin CombiCork tester fitted with pneumatic clamps to hold different sized bottle securely in place.

Mecmesin has designed a custom-made fixture to measure the force required to bend card and paper to 45° and 90°.  The fixture is used with a MDD manual test stand and an AFG Advanced Force Gauge.  It can be used to test a range of cards and paper of different thickness and widths, providing information that will be useful when designing packaging and also for production staff concerned about the quality of paper and card.

Mecmesin has been at the forefront of force and torque measurement for 40 years.  Our team of experienced application engineers can work with you to deliver custom-designing products to your exact requirements.  This video highlights the range of solutions we can offer from simple, custom-designed grips and fixtures, through to complex automated test systems, designed to relieve operators of tedious or difficult tasks and to provide greater consistency and speed during material handling and testing.